The Lestonnac Free Clinic offers free healthcare services for low-income communities and individuals with no medical insurance at their Garden Grove location. M.E.M.O. has the opportunity to volunteer at the clinic and gain valuable, hands-on experience working with health professionals and patients. Volunteers must commit to a shift for the entire academic quarter. Sign-ups for rotations begin at the beginning of every quarter and can be found on the MEMO Facebook page and email announcements.

Keep a lookout for updates!

From a MEMOber: Meet Mia! 4th Year Pharmaceutical Sciences Major

“I’ve been volunteering at Lestonnac for the whole summer and the experience has honestly been so amazing and worthwhile. Daily tasks included checking patients in and out, taking vitals, and updating and maintaining patient records. Since the clinic caters to underserved communities, it felt very rewarding to be able help those out who really needed it, especially when it comes to their health and wellness. Being a volunteer at Lestonnac did have its challenges, especially since a majority of the patients only speak Spanish, so communicating with them at times was a struggle. A good amount of my free time during clinic was actually spent practicing Spanish with a fellow volunteer who also struggled with communicating the patients. Despite the language barrier, it was great to build these connections with these patients and build a trusting relationship just through healthcare.” -Mia