In collaboration with an after school program called Project S.H.U.E (Safety, Health, Understanding, and Education), M.E.M.O. educates at-risk 1st and 2nd graders about conscientious eating and the importance of physical exercise at the Westminster Civic Center.


One of M.E.M.O.’s programs with Project S.H.U.E is the Teaching Garden Project in which the organization educates children on how to grow their own garden. Through this project, M.E.M.O. encourages children to actively practice sustainability and shows them that there are healthier food alternatives available.


In addition to the Teaching Garden Project, we present different and fun activities every time we visit Project S.H.U.E, making sure to focus on either health, physical activity, nutrition, or the human body.


One example of an activity was about the The Skeletal System. M.E.M.O. taught the kids about different body parts and the importance of maintaining healthy bones through a hands-on activity involving creating their own skeletons out of straws. These activities help kids learn the material through a fun, interactive way.

Teaching Garden Project!