"On one of the clinic days, I measured the EKG for a patient who expressed to me that she has been excited for months to see a doctor for the first time in her life. Fortunately, her EKG results were normal, and she embraced me in a hug while thanking me for this opportunity to take care of her health, and it made me realize how big of an impact one person can have on another." -Judy Pham, 12G


Every summer, a group consisting of doctors, health professionals, and student volunteers from UCI, UCSD, and USC MEMO travel to impoverished communities throughout Vietnam. It is during this mission trip that we see our programs (Dental, Heart, Hope, Scholarship) reach fruition, thanks to dedicated MEMObers throughout the year, the mission goers, and doctors who dedicate their expertise. In conjunction with Red Cross VN and Project Vietnam Foundation, we are able to hold free health clinics in rural areas for 3-4 days of the mission trip. During these clinics, trained MEMO volunteers have the opportunity to partake in the following stations: patient intake, crowd control, triage, dental, pharmacy, consultation, EKG, ultrasound, optometry and physical therapy. Through these health clinics, the students have the privilege to not only assist the underserved communities of Vietnam but also have the opportunity to observe and learn first hand from medical professionals. Our doctors can provide primary assessment, prescribe medication and transfer patients to the EKG or ultrasound specialists. For patients who require care that are beyond our capabilities, we sponsor referrals to local hospitals so that they are able to get the necessary treatments.


Applications to attend the mission trip are sent out yearly by MEMO Non-profit. Approximately 35 students from all three chapters are selected to attend the mission. Interviews are usually held in mid-February, and decisions are made soon after. We look for members who consistently participate throughout the year and show their passion for our cause.



A majority of M.E.M.O.'s fundraising efforts go towards these mission abroad programs that serve the underprivileged communities in Vietnam.